Robert Fisk prédit un nouvel 11/09

“Well, you know, you can’t really see how angry people feel until you realize what they’re watching. They’re seeing footage on television here which you would never show in Australia."
They’re seeing things - for instance, I’ve got the morning papers here. Look at the front page of Al-Hayat – the Arabic paper. Pictures of dead children that you’ll never see in Australia and people respond to this with enormous anger - as you would, if you saw pictures of dead Australians in the paper. And I think, you know, from what I’ve seen and the deaths and mutilations I’ve seen in the South of Lebanon for the past two weeks or more – and I’ve been seeing it firsthand under air attack . . .
You know, I came away from one bomb site with dead people in it – I came away and said to a friend, you know, there’s going to be another 9/11. There’s going to be another 9/11.”
And this time - like the last - there will be no way to prove for certain whether it’s aggrieved Muslims who perpetrate it or Zionists trying to set them up. Perfect cover for a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East.
This holocaust in Lebanon is taking the world so quickly past the point of no return, that we won't know what hit us when it happens. If only Americans realized how fast we are ALL barreling towards self-destruction, maybe then they would do something to stop it.